When is a garden room not a conservatory?

Not a Conservatory

One of the most common questions we are asked about our garden rooms is “Can it be fitted to my house?” The answer to this is yes.

This question was asked by a customer recently, who having moved into her new property wanted to be able to enjoy her beautiful garden, but didn’t want to leave the house. Having looked at her neighbours’ polycarbonate roofed conservatories, she knew she didn’t want one of those, however she couldn’t justify a full extension to the rear of her property.

Under building regulation law, a conservatory is classed as having 75% translucent material in the roof and 50% in the walls. Anything less than this and it classes as a house extension and requires full building regulation approval. The downside of this is the additional cost in complying with the regulations, particularly with regards to the foundations.

Below left is a photo of a garden rooms’ foundations that we carried out recently with full strip footings that complied with building regulations, however we do carry out other methods such as reinforced raft slabs (below right) and pilings.

Not a Conservatory 2

The customer of the conservatory shown originally wanted one of our Farnham garden rooms attaching, however given the building regulations issue we both thought it best to construct a bespoke conservatory in order to keep the costs down.

Anyone who has walked into a conservatory on a hot summers day can tell you about the oppressive heat that can arise, so using state of the art, self cleaning, super insulated, light reflective glass, she was able to have the best of both worlds at a fraction of the cost.

Should you like a garden room attaching to your house as a house extension, we would be confident of beating a brick built option on price, plus the reassurance of Wentworth Garden Rooms’ experience and quality controlled, factory assured and guaranteed products.

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