What are the benefits of garden offices over traditional home offices?


Staying at the home of a friend or family member has many conveniences such as no hotel fees, and no check in or check out times. There are, however, some drawbacks such as a lack of privacy. Garden lodges provide all the advantages of staying at a friend or relative’s home without the drawbacks of temporarily living in a combined space, and are the perfect solution for regular short and long term stays. Read on to find out more.
Advantages of Staying With a Friend
When having friends or family visit, many of us choose to stay in a hotel because it seems more convenient. However, staying at a hotel has many drawbacks that can be avoided by staying with someone we know. First of all, when staying in a hotel there are often quite awkward check in and check out times. Not being able to check in until mid-afternoon can be inconvenient if we have nowhere to put our things, and having to check out early means a compulsory early rise. Late check ins and early check outs often lead to us simply not arriving until late and going straight home after check out, meaning that we may lose a couple of days of our holiday.
Of course, there are also drawbacks to staying with someone you know, and when staying at someone else’s home, or having guests to stay at yours, issues of privacy often arise. When staying over for long periods of time, guests often crave privacy, especially if they are a couple, and may feel claustrophobic in your home. Other issues may also arise if either you or your guests rise early, or sleep late, causing you to get in each other’s way and making the visit a little less pleasurable. No matter how well you know the owners of the home in which you are staying, it can still feel uncomfortable sneaking out to the toilet, for example, or trying to talk quietly to your partner. This is not a problem with garden lodges, especially if they are positioned relatively far away from your home. There’s no need to worry about toilet troubles either, as garden lodges can be built with en suites.
If we need a little extra space, the first thing we often think to do is to expand on the space we already have. However, not only are garden lodges better for privacy, but they are also cheaper and quicker to install than traditional extensions. Your guests will save money by staying at your home too, as it eliminates the costs of staying at a hotel, which can be quite considerable when staying for more than a couple of nights.
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