Watch them grow up with one of our garden rooms

A garden room from Wentworth can be a fantastic investment that can be enjoyed for years and years to come. Choosing one of our garden rooms for your little ones means they can create memories and grow with one of these fantastic buildings throughout their lives. With Wentworth you can create a building that is as cosy, comfortable, homely, smart or as lively as you please! Choose from our wide range to find the one that’s fits in perfectly as an admirable extension of your home and offers years of happiness. Whatever design you visualise, we shall achieve it.

Children love their own playing space. It’s really important that they are able to get lost in their imagination and enjoy being a child. Whether it’s in their bedroom or the garden, playtime is essential to your child’s learning and development. Often, a busy household can mean space becomes a little tight, meaning play time around the house is more restricted. As much as we love to see our little ones enjoying themselves, the mess that ensues around the house is quite displeasing. Have you ever thought about making the most out of your outdoor space by introducing an extension to the home? Mess and space will no longer be an issue with garden lodges and rooms and there will be no more restrictions to playtime.

With our garden rooms, you can be content in the knowledge that your little one is playing safely and happily in a warm, comfortable environment! Enjoy the peace and quiet in the home as they play for hours in their new garden room. This is a fantastic and practical solution to space constraints in your home and the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy a clutter free, more peaceful house. With Wentworth Garden Rooms, you can also make what you want of our rooms! Invent any design you wish for your child to make these buildings extra special inside. Our prestige collection really look the part and can be inspired by your child’s favourite design, characters and décor to really make play time come to life! If you are after something a little smaller, our garden studios are a great choice. With insulation, just like our garden rooms these buildings can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

The magic of our garden rooms are the fact they offer happiness that lasts. Once your little one is no longer so little, you can transform the garden rooms into their own funky pad! When they want a little time out to themselves, or want their friends around, they can enjoy the comfort of their own independent space! It can also be a fantastic place for your teenager to have some vital study time away from the distractions of the house.

To discover our myriad of garden rooms to choose from, take a look around our website today.

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