Some quotes from recent customers. If you would like to speak to any of our clients, we will do our best to arrange this for you.

“The commitment was higher than I was expecting and they delivered on it.”
Mr. D. Maidenhead

“We discussed what I needed and we designed it there on the spot. I have to say that I can’t recommend them more highly, I really can’t.”
Mrs. H. Richmond

“The fact that they were very willing to do a non-standard design and would adapt and interpret the one I had sent in. What I wanted was something very specific and they were able to do it. They just did what they said they were going to do. No fuss. No excuses. No hiking up the price. No putting off the date. No messing around.”
Mrs. H. Painswick

“It certainly is value for money. It’s an attractive looking, nicely finished and well insulated building.”
Mr. M. Cheam

“The two key factors were a willingness to be flexible in terms of adaptation and seeing it through from cradle to grave. We are absolutely delighted, especially with the inside. It is probably better than we had expected. You don’t see too many interiors in any of the brochures. The whole thing looks the part.”
Mr. W. Solihull

“If they had seemed too pushy or keen on a sale or they had been inefficient and sloppy – any of those things – we would have gone elsewhere. But they weren’t. They responded very well. I thought the installation team were incredibly good. They were here at 8 o’clock and worked a long day. You never saw them sitting about; they didn’t half get at it. You really weren’t conscious that they were there.”
Mr. D. Midhurst

“The whole process of getting the building was just so straightforward, it was remarkable.”
Mr. E. Barton on Sea

“I am very pleased with the garden room. I like the look of it for a start. I like the finish and it feels good, everything about it is solid. It’s very well insulated and keeps warm right the way through the winter and uses very little heating.”
Mr. H. Harpenden

“I am absolutely delighted. I wrote saying it had transformed my life in a way that I could not have predicted. The room has so many different purposes, we use it every day. It is indescribably lovely. I can say that the whole thing is highly professional and very competent. The product was of a very high quality indeed and all of the workmen were extremely pleasant and knew exactly what they were doing.”
Dr. D. Nottingham

“What I love about my room is that it’s done to a really high quality. It’s not a cheap shack in the back garden; it’s a proper room. I like the pitched roof – the fact that it’s got height. I don’t feel claustrophobic. I would recommend them for the quality of the building and the quality of the service. I would have absolute confidence in them, even to recommending them to my parents!”
Mr. G. Weybridge

“I just liked the feeling of space because I knew I had to be in it up to 10 hours a day and I wouldn’t like the feeling that I was cooped up.”
Mr. H. Bicester

“I like the appearance. I appreciate the flexibility that was given to the window and door positions and where we could fit the heater and power points.”
Mr. B. Bromley

“I can’t thank you enough for a fantastic job. We are busy referring all those who see our studio to you.”
Mr. B. Banbury

“Thank you for our smashing new study. As ever your company was a pleasure to deal with-the 2 studies we now have are perfect, they were built when you promised they would be built, they were exactly what we ordered. Your workmen were polite, friendly, efficient and-most important-they left NO mess behind them, which is, in itself, a metaphor for the way your company treats its customers.”
Mrs. G Cardigan


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