Shedding light on flat roofed garden rooms

As you’re probably aware if you have a sun roof in your car, an aperture positioned above tends to throw in much more sunlight than those to the sides, as for more of the day it will be in a position to catch the light. This is one of a number of reasons why roof lights are increasingly popular within construction as a whole, as well as in the garden rooms sector.
You may already be familiar with the now traditional Velux ™ rooflights in pitched roofs (which we intend to cover in another article) which we have installed on many of our garden rooms; however you may not have come across their shallow pitched counterparts.
Flat or mono pitched buildings are an ever growing market within the garden buildings market as a whole, due in most part to the 2.5m planning height rule 2.5m planning height rule. Unlike one of our Prestige range buildings with their vaulted ceilings, 2.5m high building is likely to have a 2.3m interior ceiling height. Although not feeling oppressive, it would be untrue to say that any building of this nature would have a feeling of vertical space. However installing a Velux ™ dome light (pictured) can help to give a feeling of limitless headroom.

Shedding Light

The building shown above is one of Chiswick buildings from the studio range, and as you can see it has a domed rooflight installed. This style of rooflight is a relatively low cost way of adding light and a feeling of space into garden rooms.
A newer addition to the market is the Velux ™ flat roof kerb. This is a modification flashing kit for a traditional Velux window, that allows either a top or centre hung window to be installed on a flat roof. The kerb has intrinsic insulation within its design that minimises thermal bridging, and the vaulted nature of it gives a genuine, rather than perceived increase in ceiling height. The are also a very large number of different sizes these lights available.
At Wentworth Garden Rooms we install both types of Velux ™  flat rooflight, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email for more information.

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