See your potential garden room in 3D


With the whole of the movie going public bombarded with the potential of watching Hollywood blockbusters past and present in 3D, we thought we’d bring the experience to our garden rooms.
For many years now we have put together 2D CAD (computer aided design) drawings for potential customers, mainly in order to apply for planning permission for their garden room (when required). Although a 2D drawing gives a technically accurate representation of a building, it can still be hard to visualise the final aesthetic and appearance of a building in only 2 dimensional line drawings.
That is the predominant reason why 3D drawings have become so popular within the building industry at large. Whenever large scale developments, or smaller sized ventures for that matter, wish to give an early appreciation of the works to potential clients, users, investors or planning authorities, the ability to be able depict the final result without a leap of imagination on the viewer’s part is invaluable.
The technology to put three dimensional line drawings together has been around since the late 1980’s. The principle of this original technology is that 2D drawings are converted to 3D by adding an additional z axis, to the x and y of the flat image. Modern 3D CAD programmes are much more user friendly and less labourious, and include rendering technology. This means that photos and images of real life materials and landscapes can be uploaded into the drawing and projected onto the faces of the computer models. This gives the photo-realistic computerised images our garden rooms shown here.
If this wasn’t all clever enough, the created photo-realistic model can be superimposed in front of a real life landscape. This means that not only can we allow you to see what your building will look like, we can also show you how it will look in your very own garden! See how the building shown at the top is transfered to the customer’s garden below. Clever ‘eh?


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