Say goodbye to office stress with one of our garden offices

If you have a demanding job that takes up the majority of your time and efforts, this can take its toll on your family life, social life, happiness and well being. Anything that can reduce stress, whilst still allowing you to keep on top of your workload can seem like a minor miracle. Here at Wentworth Garden Rooms, we have a unique and innovative solution to ease your work orientated stress. With one of our fantastic garden offices, you can still keep on top of your workload, but feel a million miles away from the stress of the office.


If you are a highly motivated individual, with high flying career aspirations, then you will probably be extremely committed to the job. Despite the benefits you derive from your commitment to work, such as payrises and bonuses,  this can be outweighed by the stresses it places on other aspects of your life. For instance, if you are family orientated person with children, being away at the office the majority of the time can be stressful for the household. With one of our fantastic garden rooms, you can create your very own office space, which is only  a few footsteps away from the kids! You really can have the best of both worlds with our garden offices! You can be away from the stressful office, away from the noisy, disruptive household, but close enough to feel content that your family are so close by and you are there if they need you to be.


A change of scenery doesn’t mean a compromise in concentration and professionalism either. We tailor our garden offices, garden rooms and garden lodges to the way you want them. So if you want a sophistaicated and formal garden office which enables you to maintain a professional mindset away from the workplace, then we will provide just that. Or maybe you work better in a more funky, unique office design that inspires you. Just share your ideas with us and we will design, build and transport the office of dreams straight to your garden space! The garden environment can also benefit levels of concentration more so than your ordinary office environment. Enjoy looking out onto a peaceful, beautiful garden and feel transported away from the stresses of the workplace. You would be surprised at how much of a difference a change of surrounding can do to your mood. Sometimes, all you need is to remove yourself from a stressful situation and gather your thoughts somewhere else.


With all this in mind, why not give one of our garden rooms a try this Christmas? If a lot of your time over the Christmas period will be dedicated to a large workload, then take the sting out and bring it home to your garden office! You could even buy one of ourgarden offices as a Christmas gift for your loved one! Show them how much you respect and appreciate how hard they work, whilst also showing how much you love having them around.

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