Running a business – not just garden offices

Running a Business

Many have come around to the idea of running a business from a garden office. Who knows, that may be why you’re reading this article? With the benefits of being closer to home, without actually being in the home, a garden room used as an office space can be the perfect way for many people to redress the work life balance.

Although perfectly designed for that purpose, our garden rooms can be used for so much more than just garden office space. Above are pictures of two garden rooms that illustrate this point.

The photo on the left is a garden room we installed at Ruxley Manor garden centre, the details of which can be found here. It is based upon one of our Walton garden rooms from the Thames range.

With thousands of visitors to the garden centre, especially in the hot summer months, it became apparent that ice cream sales couldn’t keep up with the demand and were clogging the tills. What better way to solve the problem than with a purposely made ice cream parlour, in keeping with the gorgeous surrounds of Ruxley Manor. That’s where Wentworth Garden Rooms come in.

We took the basic design of the Walton garden room and modified it by replacing the verandah with timber posts and installed a serving hatch to the front, with pressure sensitive lifting rods to hold the hatch open when serving customers. Inside the fully decorated garden room was a kitchen workbench and electrics to allow the installation of the freezers.

As a consequence ice creams are now selling like hot cakes……..just a bit colder that is.

To the right is a garden room installed at Brentford Town Football Club, for the sale of refreshments to the home supporters. Although the colour may not be exactly to your tastes, it certainly fits in with the club colours.

Again, this building had the added benefits of a serving hatch with kitchen workbench installed, and like all Wentworth Garden Rooms it was perfect for its surroundings.

So don’t just think garden office for your garden room, think outside the box a bit (not just the penalty box either).

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