Not all 2.5m garden rooms need to be flat!

We’ve cracked it! This one’s been stumping us for a while. Around 5 years ago a rule was brought in that any garden building must have planning permission if it’s above 2.5m in height and is within 2m of a boundary.

This ruling has lead to a massive amount of flat roofed building on the market, in order to fit within this parameter. Yet not everyone likes the sometimes contemporary/utilitarian appearance of mono-pitched garden rooms.

We are often asked “Can’t you do an apex garden room, less than 2.5m”, and the reply has always been, “We can, but you’d bang your head on the door on your way in.”

The problem is two-fold. Firstly, as you’ve probably worked out from the previous paragraph, doors need to be able to function for their primary purpose, which is to allow a user access in and out of a room. You might think we could just trim a bit of size off the doors to fit in everyone except the Harlem Globetrotters. However doors come in standard sizes, and if we trim too much off the door it is liable to warp, the joints to fail and for it to fall apart in the long term.

The second problem is with the roof covering. All roofing materials designed for pitched roofs have a minimum pitch at which they will operate correctly. If the pitch is too shallow, the water is not shed quickly enough and via capillary action you could get water making its way into your garden room.

At Wentworth Garden Rooms we’re not ones to be beaten by a challenge. With a bit of design wizardry, you can now have a Kingston, Cobham or aHenley at under 2.5m, so you can avoid that pesky planning officer.

The building below is a hot off the press Kingston that is below 2.5m, and yes…… that is the 6ft tall customer walking out of his new pride and joy.

Need to be Flat

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