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It is considered by many that owning a timber framed garden room requires lots of maintenance in order to get many years of use. However, common perceptions can often be deceptive.

Should someone opt for treated softwood cladding, with regular coats of treatment there is no reason why garden room cladding should not last indefinitely. Should you not be inclined to maintain the exterior of your garden room however, there are many exterior finishes that require no maintenance whatsoever.

Should the look and colour of timber be your fancy for your garden room, why not opt for the real thing? Naturally oil rich timber, such as western red cedar or chestnut, make both attractive and extremely durable cladding options for garden rooms (photo above). Without receiving any form of maintenance, these exterior cladding options will last around 50 years. They will both naturally weather and ‘grey’ over time, which will blend in beautifully with the surrounds of your garden room.

Should you wish to maintain the initial colour of the cladding, many treatments are available to prevent the natural weathering caused by the sun’s UV radiation, and all of Wentworth Garden Rooms’ cedar clad buildings come with such a treatment should you so wish.

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A second option for your garden room is cementitious boarding, such as Marley Cedral Weatherboard, as shown above on a building we installed recently. This gives the impression of timber but is completely maintenance free, comes in a choice of colours, looks great and will last a lifetime, if not longer.

A third option we offer is rendered finish, which can be used both on its own and in conjunction with other timbers to great effect. It’s completely maintenance free, gives a feel of solidity associated with masonry construction and is a relatively low cost cladding option for a garden room, plus it looks great!

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