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Many of us dream of the kind of views afforded by high vantage points over beautiful scenery. Whether you are William Wordsworth writing about the lake district, or a dog walker in the Chilterns, who wouldn’t want to look out of their window and see a picturesque view from a lofty perch?

Living in high places does have its downsides however. Whether it’s lugging your shopping not only from the supermarket or local shops, but right to your doorstep at the top of a hill, or mowing the lawn with a mower on a rope because its so treacherously steep, the practicalities of living at height can have distinct disadvantages over lowland positions. This is where a Wentworth Garden Room can come in so useful.
Over the years, we at Wentworth Garden Rooms have done many buildings at the top of very steep gardens, where the views are fantastic, so the customer obviously would like to spend a bit of comfortable time up there. The problem arises from trying to get materials for traditional construction up a whacking great hill is very time consuming and costly as a consequence.
All of our garden rooms are constructed with prefabricated components, that are designed to be small enough and manoeuvrable enough to fit through a narrow doorway. This naturally lends them towards being carried up very steep slopes. Obviously, somebody has to carry them up there, but with as minimal amount of components as possible, we can have your dream garden room completed and the keys handed over in a matter of days.
Above are two photos of such lofty buildings as has been described. The left hand photos is of a building overlooking a beautiful Cornish fishing village. The narrow streets and highly sloping garden were a definite challenge, however I think you agree that the end result was fantastic. The right hand photo overlooks a stunning estuary in South Devon, and all the components had to be carried up the 80ft of steps to the top of the garden.
So if you have a steeply sloping garden, but have also been apprehensive about installing one because of perceived logistical problems. Fear not, let us do the leg work………..literally!

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