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Garden Studio Ideal for Band Practice and Music Rooms.

Save Time and Effort with Gyms in Garden Rooms.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Garden Office

Using a Garden Lodge as an Entertainment Area

Garden offices are the key to peace and quiet you’ve been craving!

Expand your home with multi-functional garden room!

Why garden offices make a great playroom for your kids!

Garden offices have a variety of uses!

Garden lodges are the perfect place to hold your business meetings!

Garden offices take the joy of self-employment to whole new levels!

Garden rooms and offices to reflect your personal style

What are the benefits of garden offices over traditional home offices?

Watch them grow up with one of our garden rooms

Say goodbye to office stress with one of our garden offices

Garden rooms are a great option for those with limited room in the house!

Important things to consider when planning garden rooms

Living the high life – Garden rooms up high

Oak vs Cedar cladding

See your potential garden room in 3D

Flat pack garden room extensions

Sedum roofs – where the grass is always greener

Not all 2.5m garden rooms need to be flat!

Bespoke joinery for garden rooms

A better design of garden room base – The Betterbase

Shedding light on flat roofed garden rooms

Types of insulation for garden rooms

Electrical options for garden rooms

Bases for garden rooms

Bathrooms for garden rooms

Irregular shaped garden rooms

10 years of Wentworth Garden Rooms

Maintenance free garden rooms

When is a garden room not a conservatory?

Be bespoke – it’s your choice!

Heating garden rooms – electrical source

Running a business – not just garden offices

Bespoke garden rooms: you can be an architect

Garden Rooms through the keyhole: Restricted access

Wentworth Garden Rooms’ brand new factory


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