Irregular shaped garden rooms

‘Off the shelf’ garden rooms come in many shapes and sizes, however they tend
to be variations on familiar polygons. Squares, rectangles, octagons and hexagons are all popular garden room shapes with manufacturers and customers alike, however garden rooms don’t always fit the shape of people’s gardens perfectly.

If your garden is an irregular shape, whether it is tapering outward or inward, triangular or just plain odd, putting a regular shaped garden room in the middle of it can lead to almost no garden being left.

We have installed a number of garden rooms that have been irregularly shaped, in order to make the maximum use of the available space. The garden room in the top picture was designed and built specifically for a very narrowing garden. The customer wanted to use every available inch for his garden office and we were the only people who could do what he wanted at an affordable price. The building fits so tightly in to the space it is impossible to see the shape of the building from the front elevation; however from the photo of the ceiling, it is possible to make out just how much of an irregular shape this garden room is.

Below are shots of a garden room recently installed, where the customer wanted to use up as much of an unused and dark corner as possible with a garden room, but wanted to retain as much space as possible around it. We designed and built it exactly to this specification, and the results are there to see.

A common option for greater use of space with garden rooms is corner cut-off doors. Please have a look at our  Elmbridge , Farnham  and  Berwick  garden rooms that allow for that extra utilisation of space when a garden room is placed in or near a corner.

 Odd ShapedOdd Shaped 2Odd Shaped 3

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