Important things to consider when planning garden rooms

Garden rooms are becoming a popular method these days of adding space to your home without the full cost and labour of adding an extension, especially if your garden is large enough to accommodate an extra room.  Before you start deciding what style you would like or what features it should contain, it’s important to understand what you want the room to be used for. Whether that be a garden office, a gym or simply a place to retreat to. Once this has been decided, important decisions for garden lodges such as the amount of storage required, lighting, heating requirements and more will become easier.
For example, garden offices require good lighting and plenty of visible yet tidy and easily accessible storage. Bookshelves and cupboards placed in strategic areas to minimise the loss of space will be key. Windows in garden offices will help ease a stressful day as you can gaze across your own beautiful gardens. If you’re looking for the room to be used as a gym, a larger more open area will be key, with perhaps less windows to help keep the summer sun and heat out as much as possible. Electrics and any communicational equipment needs to be agreed upon before the final go ahead. Will you require internet access, a landline? Is the room to be merely used as a retreat with perhaps a small kitchen in one corner to house a kettle and fridge? Perhaps the new room will become an additional TV room in which case TV points in a suitable area will be important.
Let’s not forget how garden rooms sit and look in your garden – the location can be just as important. Do you want to be able to see your home in the distance or do you want to be as far away as possible? Will the neighbours be able to see directly in your new private space? What’s the ground like underneath? Will it be easy to get the required machinery to the garden? Are there trees around which will impact on the amount of natural light?
Here at Wentworth Garden Rooms, we are proud to offer a range of garden lodges and rooms tailored to your taste and needs.  We are here to help with every step of the way answering all the questions above and more. From the initial thought in your mind one sunny evening, to helping decide on specification requirements, the actual build, the colour of the wood on the outside to the colour on the walls in the inside, furnishings, flooring, and of course all after care service. Visit our website today and view past projects and builds for inspiration for your new garden lodge.

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