Heating garden rooms – electrical source

Heating Garden Rooms

As all of our garden rooms are made to order by us in our purpose designed factory, we can make your garden room as insulated as you want it. Our standard garden buildings are used constantly all year round across the country, day in, day out, but how do their owners heat them?

As is the case with a house, the options for heating our garden rooms come in many forms. If you wanted full central heating then that would be possible, however installing a gas or oil fired boiler wouldn’t be cost effective for anything smaller than a house. As a consequence people tend to heat their garden rooms with electric heat sources of various forms.

The most common are wall mounted convector heaters (above), as come standard with our basic garden room’s electrical pack. These heaters give off a large amount of heat in a very short time span, heating your garden room extremely quickly. If your building is well insulated, as all of our garden rooms are, then a ten minute burst from a convector heater will keep your building warm for a very long period.

Other heat forms are more subtle in their nature. Underfloor heating mats are becoming a more and more popular option for heating garden rooms. With timber flooring often being the option of choice for most people within their garden room, foil underfloor heating mats (below) are available which are designed specifically for use with laminate, engineered or solid wood flooring.

Should your floor covering of choice be stone or ceramic floor tiles for a garden room, more traditional pipework underfloor systems are available and are often cheaper with both their initial outlay and running costs when compared to foil mats. This does not take into account however that stone tiles can tend to be more costly than most wooden floors in the initial instance.

Heating Garden Rooms 2

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