Garden Rooms through the keyhole

Through the Keyhole

Have you ever looked at a ship in a bottle and wondered how it’s done? Well at Wentworth Garden Rooms, we’re getting ever closer to finding out.

We were contacted about installing a hipped roof garden room, complete with cloakroom toilet, in a garden in London recently. Not an altogether extraordinary occurrence you may think, apart from the fact that the garden room could only pass through a house via the basement, out through a tiny back door and up steps to the garden.

As we make all of our garden rooms to order, we were able to tailor the size of all of the components to fit through this narrowest of spaces. No piece of material for the construction was greater in size than 4′ x 4′ (except the garden room’s doors and some 8 foot timbers, which had to be lowered through an upper floor window).

From the photos above, you would be hard pressed to tell the lengths that the garden room went through in its construction, but at Wentworth Garden Rooms we seek out challenges.

So if you have access problems, we have the experience to make your dream garden room come to life, usually at no extra cost.

Also, keep an eye out for the Wentworth Garden Rooms ‘Summerhouse in a Bottle’, available in all good gift shops by next Christmas.

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