Garden rooms and offices to reflect your personal style

A current trend appears to be for people to stay put rather than selling their houses. This would make sense as no-one wants to sell if they risk negative equity in the current market. While people wait for the property market to pick up further they are seeking solutions to the need for extra space. An extension is often expensive and comes with complications of building regulations, planning permission, dust and hassle. Garden rooms and offices are starting to grow in popularity as they provide a cheaper and easier alternative to extra space. They can also reflect your unique style both from the exterior and interior. Garden rooms were utilised as far back as the 16th century where Italians created a mixture of formal and informal rooms on their terraces. Today’s garden rooms are a little different but the principle of enjoying and utilising outdoor space is still the same. Read on to learn more about putting your personal stamp on your garden rooms and office space.

Garden rooms and offices can be personalised to your taste from the off. They no longer come in a bog standard format! You can choose from a range of sizes, finishes and design features such as ceiling lanterns or finials. If none of the more standard designs take your fancy then you could consider a custom built garden room. Custom built garden rooms are only limited by your imagination and budget. If you have a traditional, thatched cottage then why not have a garden room to match, and design one with a thatched roof.

Once you have chosen the exterior of your garden room the interior is your next challenge. Firstly you need to think about what the space will be used for. You may want a dedicated work or office space away from the hustle and noise of your main home. Perhaps you want to move the noise there!!! If you have a teenager, a garden room is the ideal solution for noisy sleep overs, gaming days or band practice. Another popular option is using the room as a space for visiting guests or as a comfortable area from which you can enjoy your garden.

One you have thought about the function you just need to think about the decoration. If it’s appropriate why not bring the natural elements from outside into your interior. You could choose earthy colours, use reed flooring and natural decoration such as driftwood photo frames or wreathes. If you would prefer a pop of colour look at wallpapers that reflect your gardens beauty. With wallpaper ranges varying from trees to bright flowers you will find something to bring your garden room to life.

Your final decision is furniture. It needs to be comfortable so you can enjoy your time in your garden room. Lighter colours will provide a spacious, bright feel but the furniture should bring together both the interior and exterior design to complete the look.

If garden rooms and offices are an option you would like to explore then contact Wentworth Garden Rooms. They have an extensive choice, including a bespoke range so you can have a garden room that reflects your personal style and taste.

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