Garden Room Build Demonstration Day 1

Building; Alnwick, 16′ x 10′, uPVC Joinery

DAY 1 – Structure
With the foundations already completed, the garden room’s pressure treated floor goes down on bearers and is squared and levelled.


The floor’s cavities are filled with insulation to create a thermally efficient garden room.


Housing grade tongue and grooved chipboard flooring is screwed to the garden room’s floor.


The pre-maunfactured timber frame wall panels are fastened with coach screws to each other and to the floor.


The garden room’s walls are squared and levelled in order to take the roof.


The roof is fastened to the walls with coach screws, one panel at a time.


With all of the roof panels in place, the garden room is again levelled and squared and finally bolted up to create a stable and completely solid structure.


The garden room is then made water tight with tarpaulins and polythene for the night and the exterior breather membrane is overlapped and fastened.

Day 2 – Making the building permanently watertight


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