Garden lodges are the perfect place to hold your business meetings!

When you work from home it can be difficult to know where to hold your business meetings. You don’t really want your clients traipsing through your family home, but the cost of hiring meeting spaces can send your business overheads through the roof. More and more people are discovering that garden lodges provide the perfect meeting space solution, and it’s easy to see why. Read on to find out more about some of the benefits that garden lodges bring to your working life:

Inspiring Surroundings

Garden lodges provide a window to the sights and sounds of nature. What better way to entertain your clients than to invite them to your garden lodge and let them take in the beauty of your garden along the way? Working within a garden provides a wonderfully inspiring place to be, and your clients will love the novelty of being in such a beautiful place, instead to the usual dull boardrooms. Make sure there is plenty of room for comfortable seating in your garden office and be sure to stock it with tea, coffee, milk and biscuits so that you are able to offer your visitors some refreshments.

A Low-Cost Option

When you hold your meetings in garden lodges you really are keeping your overheads to an absolute minimum. Not only will you not have to fork out for the cost of hiring a meeting room, but you will also save yourself the travel costs in the process. A few simple refreshments for your clients will cost you very little, and your clients will love meeting you in such memorable surroundings – which means your client is bound to think of you the next time they have business to send your way.

No Intrusion on the Family

Your family life can continue as usual without the interruption of visiting clients. A garden office provides you with a quiet space in which to work and entertain clients, with all of the benefits of working from home but none of the drawbacks. It’s no wonder that so many people regard it as the perfect solution!

Find out more about how garden lodges provide the perfect meeting space and view our extensive range of options by visiting the Wentworth Garden Rooms website. Should you have any questions or queries our experienced team of experts will be happy to advise you further – get in touch and find out how garden offices can benefit your working life!

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