Flat pack garden room extensions

Thinking about a house extension?

Worried about builders taking over your house for months on end? Well you wouldn’t be alone.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have most of the work done off-site, so the minimal amount of disruption occurs in your home?

That is exactly the problem of course; building sites don’t make for great homes.

With our state of the art production facility, we at Wentworth Garden Rooms have the ability, capacity and experience to deliver that house extension you always wanted, but in a fraction of the ‘on-site’ time and usually at less cost than a brick and block built alternative.

The timber frame wall and roof components are designed on our CAD (computer aided design) programme, and made to exacting tolerances, so that they fit together like a child’s puzzle on site in a matter of hours. The photo to the right shows the building at about 1pm on the first day of erection.

As such a building is attached to your home and doesn’t class as a conservatory (please read this article for an explanation), it is legally classed as a house extension rather than a garden room and therefore requires building regulation approval. This differs from planning permission, in that it examines the materials and specification of the build, rather than just the appearance. A good explanation can be found here, on the government’s planning portal.

When building regulation approval is required, the biggest difference is that the building will require footings that have been approved by a building inspector and insulation values that match the latest stringent standards. The whole build process is inspected and eventually approved by a building control inspector.

Each building is designed and constructed on a bespoke basis, so if you have an idea of the sort of thing you want, or even f you haven’t, please contact us so we can talk you through the process, and help to get you that dream house extension.

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