Expand your home with multi-functional garden room!

In our modern lives we often find that we could do with some extra space to house our guests, practice our art, or separate work from home when we’re working remotely. Often upgrading your house isn’t the option – perhaps you’ve spent years making your house your home, or perhaps it’s space away from the home that you need (and not just more square meters). Similarly, having an extension is also not appropriate as they can be time consuming and costly. Garden rooms can be the perfect solution for this.


Garden rooms provide you with the extra space you need to work from home, or study, away from the house. Often this is helpful to separate work from home in order to relieve stress when in the main home. This can also be helpful so you can have the peace and quiet you need to get your work done.


Garden rooms provide you with the extra space you need for a guest room, chill room, dining room or lounge. Creating your own guest room with an en-suite provides the ideal space for guests to stay so that both you and they can have privacy whilst they visit you. Alternatively, you could use the space to create a chill out room for older children and their friends. Not only does this give them the extra space to hang out, have band practice or study, it also means that you won’t be disturbing them and they won’t be disturbing you. Other uses could be to create a dining room or lounge. Having a dining room separate from your house would be ideal for creating a romantic space where you and your partner can relax and take time away from day to day life. Having a living room separate from your house allows you peace and quiet perhaps for reading.


Garden rooms provide you with extra space ideal for a studio. Perhaps you’re an artist, or a musician, who would like the private space away from the house. Or maybe your family would like you to practice your music elsewhere! Whatever it is you like to do to express yourself, having a garden room provides privacy and quiet for you to work.


They can also be perfect for extending school space, or creating a schooling area if your children are home schooled. Again, the privacy of this extra space is ideal for a learning environment and, as with an office, it allows you to separate home from school.

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