Electrical options for garden rooms

The majority of the garden rooms we now design, manufacture, deliver and install are done so with an integral electric pack. Inside the building we run the cabling within the walls, so there is no ugly surface mounted conduit to look at. An NIC qualified electrician then installs a consumer unit, which is a modern RCD ‘fuseboard’, plus lights, sockets, heaters and switches to suit the customer’s needs.

Yet in addition to these familiar and fairly utilitarian items, garden rooms can be fitted out with all manner of integral electrical items in order to make life that little bit better, with an aesthetic element to suit.

If you’ve ever wondered through a large home improvement store and seen the sheer range of lighting options available within the shop, well then just imagine the variety available from the wholesalers. As standard our electric pack comes with wall mounted adjustable spotlights, which give the flexibility that is generally required for a garden office (often the most common use for one of our garden rooms). But should uplighters, downlighters, dimmers, pendants or strip lights be closer to your requirements, they can be easily accommodated, whether they are in addition to, or in lieu of, the standard items.

Controlling the temperature of the building is very important. Please see our article on Heating sources for an in depth look at the options. Options ranging from panel heaters to underfloor heating are included on that article, and it is well worth a read.

Should that barbeque summer that we’re all promised finally materialise, staying cool in the summer months is a definite priority. With high levels of insulation, once cool, our garden rooms stay cool, but with warm sticky nights in summer it can be hard to get the building cool in the first place. For those who want it, we can fit air conditioning to get you that bit of relief when it gets too hot. Plus many conditioners nowadays have an inverse facility, meaning they blow hot air into the building when required.

As always with Wentworth Garden Rooms, should there be anything you want not mentioned here or in our additional literature, then just give us a call, because chances are we can do it.

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