Staying at the home of a friend or family member has many conveniences such as no hotel fees, and no check in or check out times. There are, however, some drawbacks such as a lack of privacy. Garden lodges provide all the advantages of staying at a friend or relative’s home without the drawbacks of temporarily living in a combined space, and are the perfect solution for regular short and long term stays. Read on to find out more.

Advantages of Staying With a Friend

When having friends or family visit, many of us choose to stay in a hotel because it seems more convenient. However, staying at a hotel has many drawbacks that can be avoided by staying with someone we know. First of all, when staying in a hotel there are often quite awkward check in and check out times. Not being able to check in until mid-afternoon can be inconvenient if we have nowhere to put our things, and having to check out early means a compulsory early rise. Late check ins and early check outs often lead to us simply not arriving until late and going straight home after check out, meaning that we may lose a couple of days of our holiday.


Of course, there are also drawbacks to staying with someone you know, and when staying at someone else’s home, or having guests to stay at yours, issues of privacy often arise. When staying over for long periods of time, guests often crave privacy, especially if they are a couple, and may feel claustrophobic in your home. Other issues may also arise if either you or your guests rise early, or sleep late, causing you to get in each other’s way and making the visit a little less pleasurable. No matter how well you know the owners of the home in which you are staying, it can still feel uncomfortable sneaking out to the toilet, for example, or trying to talk quietly to your partner. This is not a problem with garden lodges, especially if they are positioned relatively far away from your home. There’s no need to worry about toilet troubles either, as garden lodges can be built with en suites.


If we need a little extra space, the first thing we often think to do is to expand on the space we already have. However, not only are garden lodges better for privacy, but they are also cheaper and quicker to install than traditional extensions. Your guests will save money by staying at your home too, as it eliminates the costs of staying at a hotel, which can be quite considerable when staying for more than a couple of nights.
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If you live with others, or in a semi-detached or terraced house, then you might find that noise is sometimes a problem. Whether it’s someone watching TV late at night, playing music or practicing music, it can cause all kinds of problems. This can especially be the case with people practicing instruments, whether alone or in a band, as they tend to be loud and there’s very little the musician can do to help.

Why is this a problem you should address?

Noise disturbances, such as those from instruments, are a problem that many families experience. Loud noises often prevent people from sleeping, leading to stress from sleep deprivation and impaired concentration. Loud noises often also distract people from the task at hand, meaning that they cannot concentrate on necessary tasks such as homework and work. This can lead to homework or work being incomplete, causing problems at school or work which can lead to even more stress. Even if the task is unimportant, its disruption can have a negative impact on daily life – disturbing someone’s favourite show, for example, can upset and irritate people. All of these situations can cause stress and friction between you, your family and your neighbours, which can put a strain on relationships and cause arguments.

How can we avoid this?

One perfect solution to this is to have a garden studio built. Having a garden studio provides a space away from the main home where you or your family can practice music in peace, without disturbing the peace elsewhere. Often, simply being in a room not attached to the house is enough to lessen or eradicate the noise. However, if the music is particularly loud then sound-proofing your garden studio will ensure that no or almost no sound reaches the house, or even the rest of the garden.

Additional benefits

Not only is having a garden studio built the best way of minimising or removing sound disturbance in the house, but it also provides a retreat for you or your children. Perhaps sometimes you need some space away from the main home. Or maybe your teenage children would love to have their very own band practice studio. The independence given to them can be invaluable, and you can rest easy knowing that they are only a matter of feet away.

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Garden rooms are a great way of extending your home cheaply and providing an area of privacy away from the home. This makes them great for a number of different uses, including gyms.

Having a home gym is a great way to save time and effort when it comes to exercising. In our busy modern lives we often find it difficult to find time for exercise, and our health suffers as a result. Many of us start a routine with good intentions, but the busy working week tends to get in the way. We barely have enough time to work, eat and relax before bed, never mind squeezing in a gym session.

People with children will no doubt know this struggle all too well. Whether you’re a working parent or a stay at home parent, your job still lasts all day and can hamper any chance of you fitting exercise into your daily routine. Having children to look after makes it almost impossible to go to the gym, since they need looking after and childcare adds another lump to the cost of gym membership.

One way to make fitting exercising in easier is a home gym, since you cut out the time it takes to get to and from the gym, and potentially also the time it takes to change in and out of gym clothes. This also reduces the effort needed as it is a lot easier to simply exercise at home without having to venture out in what is too often cold and wet weather. It also means that you can essentially look after your children at the same time as exercising, as you are effectively just in a different room. This can provide you with great peace of mind and eliminate the need for gym-time child care. When the children are old enough, you could even get them involved too.

The one problem with home gyms, however, is that most of us simply do not have enough room in our homes. Getting on the property ladder is difficult, so the chances are our home is as big as we need it to be and no more. Setting up temporary gyms in bedrooms or living rooms is another option, where foldaway exercise machines are used, but they often still take up a lot of room and require the effort of setting up and taking down again. All a little too much after a hard day at work!

The best solution is often to build garden rooms for the gym area. Garden rooms are cheaper than extensions, but serve the same purpose by adding square feet to your property. This means that you can have a permanent home gym just meters away from your front door. Perfect!

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If you have a teenager then you’ll know just how much their independence means to them. They have a yearning to live by themselves and find their own way in the world, however they probably won’t have the funds to do so yet! More and more families are choosing to install a garden lodge in their outside space so that their teenagers have somewhere separate from the house to live, without the costly overheads of doing so elsewhere. Read on to find out more.

What is a garden lodge?

A garden lodge is a really useful space for your garden. It can serve all manner of uses, for example it could be a workshop, a shed or an office. But because they are so well-made they can also serve as extra living accommodation for your home. They could house elderly relatives or, as is the theme of this article, your teenager. It’s a brilliant way of creating extra living space in your home rather than incurring the costs of moving to a larger property.

Garden Loges for your teen

How does it work for teenagers?

Teenagers love to have their very own living space and a garden lodge is the perfect solution. They can come and go as they wish, and because it’s lockable and secure they can leave all their belongings in there with no worries. However, they are still able to access your house to join in with family meals (and also to do their washing!). And because they are close by you can keep a subtle eye on them without prying too much into their life.

How do I get one?

There are loads of different sizes and shapes when it comes to garden lodges, so have a browse through online and see which appeal to you and your budget. It’s then just a case of ordering it and waiting for the installation date. Once it’s in you can do whatever you like to it in terms of decoration, fixtures and fittings.

If you’d like to find out more about having a garden lodge installed in your property, then speak to the experts at Wentworth Garden Rooms. They offer an unrivalled range and you will benefit from their years of knowledge and experience. Visit their website today and find out more about giving your teenager the space and independence they crave!

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to work from home. Whether you’re a parent of young children, or just dislike the hustle and bustle of the commute and office itself, it can be tempting to work remotely. This can cause problems, however, with separating work from home – causing stress in home time. Disturbances within the house can also affect concentration, which may harm your business. One solution to this is garden offices, as they allow the convenience of home working but with the privacy needed for work. Before choosing your garden offices, however, it’s best to give the idea lots of thought as there may be some unexpected costs and inconveniences.

Buying a Garden Office


First of all, you need to consider how you will get power to your garden offices. An office is no use if you cannot plug in your laptop, printer, phone or other office necessities. The easiest way to get power to your office is to (get an electrician to) run a cable from the main power supply. This will obviously incur additional costs you may not have considered, so you should research local electricians to get a rough quote.


Another thing to consider is getting broadband to your garden offices. Internet connection is necessary in almost all businesses, and you will almost certainly need a good connection. This can be difficult, however, especially if the Wi-Fi from your house doesn’t reach the garden office. Consider either running a network cable from your house or using a ‘Powerplug’. Whilst running a network cable will be more reliable, it could also prove more costly, so consider carefully whether reliability or savings are more important. If you already have a plug socket where the garden office will be (perhaps there is a shed there) then testing a ‘Powerplug’ for its efficiency before the renovation would be a good idea.

Lighting and Heating

Lighting and heating are also an essential consideration, especially if the garden offices are also for use during winter. Install lighting as you would in your home, and position the garden office so it faces the most daylight to save lighting costs. When choosing heating options, consider your budget and space-saving needs carefully. Underfloor heating is a great way of ensuring the office is warmed by the rising heat, but installing it can be costly. If cost saving is important, then an electric/oil filled radiator or heater might be a better option, however they can take up quite a lot of valuable room space.


Finally, one of the most important things to consider when installing garden offices is security, especially if you will be keeping expensive items such as laptops or computers in the office. Ensure that all doors have 5 lever locks and windows are double glazed and lockable. You should also alarm the office back to the house.

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If you want to create a relaxing place to unwind, a garden lodge can provide that safe haven of tranquillity. Some people enjoy working in a lodge, but the peace it provides away from the rest of the house means it works well as a place for entertainment, such as TV viewing and game playing.

Quieter Entertainment

Some modes of entertainment can be quite loud, such as action movies and video games, so it can be a good idea to move these activities away from the main home. In fact, a garden room provides an excellent play area for children and teenagers to relax and play their games in without disturbing others in the main home.

A Place for the Kids

The quieter entertainment zone a lodge provides allows children to play loud games in peace and also provides teenagers with some space and privacy, which they may find hard to achieve in the house. As the lodge is just in the garden, it also means it is easy for parents to keep an eye on the children, giving peace of mind that they are safe in the lodge.

Of course, adults will enjoy a garden lodge too, and it provides the chance to relax in the evening with a movie in your own private movie theatre. It is easy to convert a lodge into a place of entertainment. This can be especially useful if you live in a semi-detached property, as there is no worry about disturbing neighbours through the walls of the property.

A Home from Home

Of course, outside lodges are not only great for practical purposes. Indeed, these lodges are highly attractive and can be decorated as you like inside and out to create a home from home in your own garden. A lodge also provides some useful extra room by extending your living area without the need for an extension.

At Wentworth Garden Rooms we work with our customers to provide them with the perfect garden lodge for their needs. We stock a wide range of options, so you can create the perfect garden space. Browse through the site to see the full selection of lodge designs, whether you are looking for a separate play zone for the kids or a relaxing space for family movies.

In these modern times life can get so hectic. The noise and general chaos of your home might be a welcome sound most of the time, but every now and again you simply need some peace and quiet. Everyone needs a little time out here and there, but the hustle and bustle of family life rarely allows it. By the time the kids are asleep and you’ve done all that needs to be done that day, you can do nothing but hit the sack yourself to recharge for the busy day ahead. Here’s why more and more people are seeking the solitude and tranquillity of garden offices.

A place to escape

Garden offices are great because they provide a space for you to retire to and gather your thoughts. When it all gets too much, simply grab a cup of tea and head down to your little haven at the bottom of the garden. Within minutes of sitting and observing the nature around you, you will start to feel calmer and more refreshed. You’ll return to the house fresh and ready to tackle things head on again.

A place to work

Garden offices are also a fantastic resource for those who work from home. If you are one of the many people who conduct your business from home then you’ll know just how difficult it is to shut off from everything that is going on around you in the house. Having a dedicated space in which to work dramatically reduces tension while at the same time increases productivity. You’ll find that you get far more done in much less time when you head down to your garden office to work.

A place to create

Another reason why garden offices are so popular is that they offer people the chance to create. That can be art, music, poetry, sculptures or needlework, or indeed any other hobby that you’d like to pursue. Having a creative space with all of your equipment around you can really inspire you to create that masterpiece!

Garden offices are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners everywhere, and when you think of all of the benefits it’s easy to see why. If you’d like to find out more about the options available to you then the Wentworth Garden Rooms website is a great place to start. Their team of experts will happily talk you through their range and answer any question you might have. today!

In our modern lives we often find that we could do with some extra space to house our guests, practice our art, or separate work from home when we’re working remotely. Often upgrading your house isn’t the option – perhaps you’ve spent years making your house your home, or perhaps it’s space away from the home that you need (and not just more square meters). Similarly, having an extension is also not appropriate as they can be time consuming and costly. Garden rooms can be the perfect solution for this.


Garden rooms provide you with the extra space you need to work from home, or study, away from the house. Often this is helpful to separate work from home in order to relieve stress when in the main home. This can also be helpful so you can have the peace and quiet you need to get your work done.


Garden rooms provide you with the extra space you need for a guest room, chill room, dining room or lounge. Creating your own guest room with an en-suite provides the ideal space for guests to stay so that both you and they can have privacy whilst they visit you. Alternatively, you could use the space to create a chill out room for older children and their friends. Not only does this give them the extra space to hang out, have band practice or study, it also means that you won’t be disturbing them and they won’t be disturbing you. Other uses could be to create a dining room or lounge. Having a dining room separate from your house would be ideal for creating a romantic space where you and your partner can relax and take time away from day to day life. Having a living room separate from your house allows you peace and quiet perhaps for reading.


Garden rooms provide you with extra space ideal for a studio. Perhaps you’re an artist, or a musician, who would like the private space away from the house. Or maybe your family would like you to practice your music elsewhere! Whatever it is you like to do to express yourself, having a garden room provides privacy and quiet for you to work.


They can also be perfect for extending school space, or creating a schooling area if your children are home schooled. Again, the privacy of this extra space is ideal for a learning environment and, as with an office, it allows you to separate home from school.

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More and more homeowners are looking into installing garden offices within their grounds, and it’s easy to see why. Garden offices provide much-needed extra space, away from the hustle and bustle of family life, and they are also perfect for a number of other uses too. If your house has been taken over by your kids and their toys and play equipment, perhaps it’s time that you started thinking about providing them with some extra room away from the house in which to play. Here are some reasons why garden offices can also provide the perfect play space for your children:

Space away from the house

Children love to feel independent, so when you provide them with their very own ‘room’ in the garden they will thrive. Having this extra play space outside will make them feel very grown-up indeed, and they will respond accordingly. Giving them this extra element of trust and independence will help them learn how to fend for themselves – a very useful life skill to acquire.

Keep clutter out of the house

When you give your kids an outdoor playroom, you can reclaim the house as your own! No longer will you find that you have to step over toys, play equipment and games; everything can be housed in their play area outside. Garden rooms and offices are often installed for this very reason. You will find that it’s far easier to keep your home clean and tidy when it’s free of the children’s belongings.

An outdoor space in which to thrive

Children really benefit from playing outdoors because of all the extra fresh air they get to inhale. They will be more aware of their surroundings, taking notice of the sights and sounds of the nature around them. This is great for their development and they will learn a great deal from the garden. They’ll notice trees, animal and insect life and flowers too. This natural environment is the very best one in which to learn.

Garden offices provide the perfect child’s outdoor play room! For more information, contact the experts at Wentworth Garden Rooms who will be happy to talk you through their full range of options. They’ll help you find the perfect play room for your garden and talk you through the installation procedure.

When you have garden offices installed, you will find that it is the perfect haven in which to work productively and in peace and quiet. Many people who work from home find that they are the perfect solution as they enable them to work in silence, away from the hustle and bustle of family life. However, one of the many things that will surprise you about garden offices is that there are far more uses for them than you would first imagine! Here’s a few to get you started:

An Artistic Retreat

If you are a creative type then you will know just how therapeutic it is to flex your imagination and create something original. Whether you favour painting, drawing, carving, modelling… you name it, you’ll be able to work in an inspired atmosphere when you use garden offices! Being amongst nature and enjoying the sights and sounds of your beautiful garden will inspire you to create things beyond your wildest dreams!

A Musical Haven

Perhaps you find your artistic side when you pick up a musical instrument? Whether you sing or play any instrument such as drums, guitar or violin, you will find that garden offices are the perfect place in which to practise, write and record. Garden offices have the added benefit of being away from the house, so that you can play away without worrying about disturbing the rest of the household. Who knows – you may come up with a top ten hit!

A Place to Write

For some, relaxation can be found in wordplay, and these people find that garden offices are a great place to get away from it all and indulge in their writing. Whether it’s poetry, short stories or even a novel, you will find that garden offices present the perfect environment in which to write productively. And if all else fails, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book in the peace and quiet of your very own garden getaway!

Garden offices are great for work, but they are much more than that. They are your very own little hidden haven, away from all the stresses and strains that the rest of the world can throw at you. If you are interested in installing garden offices in your garden then all it takes is one phone call to Wentworth Garden Rooms and the wheels will be in motion. Give them a call today!