Bespoke joinery for garden rooms

What building project isn’t made better by the addition of high quality, bespoke joinery? This principle applies when purchasing garden rooms. Whether it’s bespoke windows to add more light to your living space in style, or high quality doors to give that finesse that sets your project apart, we are able to provide what you’re looking for … and more.

Bespoke Joinery

A prime example to illustrate the potential for bespoke joinery, is the Victorian style roof light shown to the left. The customer wanted to add light into her room in a style in keeping with her beautiful Victorian house. We commissioned a fabulous timber rooflight, capped with lead and double glazed with the very latest environmentally friendly argon gas units. We think the results are stunning for this garden room, and so did she.

A particular favourite of ours is the bespoke, gable end fixed window, illustrated in the middle. You have probably seen a number of these fixed window lights if you’ve had a look through our bespoke section. These add so much light to garden rooms, while maintaining an air of classical elegance with a modern twist, especially when combined with traditional colours, as shown here. These fixed windows are surprisingly cost effective, starting from around £300 each inc VAT, and add that wow factor that can otherwise be extremely expensive to achieve.

The interior shot to the right shows some stunning feature trusses that add a genuine structural solidity to the garden room, as well as the feeling of timeless elegance that can come from well constructed timber products.

Utilising superb quality, sustainably sourced timber (from FSC or PEFC sources) and combining these with outstanding craftsmanship, Wentworth Garden Rooms can give you the bespoke timber construction you’ve always dreamed of. As our motto goes; “If you can imagine it, we can build it”.

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