Bespoke garden rooms: you can be an architect

You can be the Architect

It may be the case that a person looks at one of our garden rooms and says “I like the roof and the cladding, but I’d prefer it with a verandah so I can relax outside on the porch and a wider roof soffit because it would look more balanced”.

They may have seen elements on other garden rooms they’ve seen elsewhere and think “I wish it had gallows brackets and rounded tops to the windows”.

It may be that they want a wet room with toilet, but they’d prefer to have the associated paraphernalia such as a hot water heater, macerator and consumer units hidden away in a separate building to their garden room.

They may want their garden room to have underfloor heating, recessed downlighters on dimmers inside and out and a fully plastered finish that’s decorated to their tastes.

With all of these elements to a garden room, including the building’s base, trenches for pipes and cabling and complying with any associated planning and building regulations, their reaction may be “I want someone else to project manage all of this for me and just hand me over the keys at the end”.

Well all of this happened with the garden room shown above. The customer loved the overall finish, quality and attention to detail of our garden rooms, but they had an idea in their mind that they wanted to bring to life for the minimum of effort and cost.

With all of our garden rooms we give the customer what they need. We sourced and designed all of the bespoke elements, provided numerous drawings of the garden room to be signed off by the customer and project managed the various trades to hand over the garden room in the shortest possible time.

The garden room was even redesigned part way through in order attach a lean-to rear enclosure, to house the more unsightly elements, such as the hot water heater, macerator and consumer unit.

So whether it’s moving a window 10mm to the right so you can fit your favourite picture on the wall, or creating a completely unique bespoke design to rival any other garden room, we’re your people.

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