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At Wentworth Garden Rooms we pride ourselves on being able to construct virtually any type of garden building design at a cost effective price. Well it was nothing out of the ordinary when we were asked, “Can you do a bespoke, fully insulated, octagonal garden room with double glazed georgian windows?”. “All in a day’s work.” we said. Then the question came; “Can I have the roof thatched?”.

There are many garden buildings on the market that supply a form of mock thatch, with skirts of dried grass overlaying each other in order to give the effect of a thatched garden room. However our customer wanted their garden room to have full thatching, as found on cottages in idyllic villages up and down the country. This was no ordinary garden room.

With a little research, some sketched drawings and a local thatcher lined up, we embarked on one of the most unusual, yet ultimately attractive garden rooms we’ve ever constructed.

With bespoke pitched roofed garden rooms, often the best and most efficient method of construction is to build the roof structure temporarily in the factory beforehand. With timber being a natural material that has variations in size sometimes, it is always adviseable to check that everything fits before we take a garden room to site. You can see a shot of the process above.

We hope that you agree that this certainly is a special garden room indeed and will convince any doubters, if there were any, that timber framed construction has limitless possibilities.

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