A better design of garden room base – The Betterbase

Concrete slab bases cause floor timbers to rot, fact! Water from rain pools on the slab and gets drawn up into the floor timbers and rots them. Given this, we have developed an innovative design of base for garden rooms, the Betterbase, in conjunction with our sister company, Homespace Construction. This means that Wentworth Garden Rooms can guarantee that the construction will comply with their 5 and 10 year guarantees.

By utilising reinforced concrete lintels, the timber can be kept off the ground and contact kept to a minimum, reducing the potential for rotting. The integral ventilation in the design also reduces the possibility of damp entering the garden room, a constant problem with concrete slabs.

Having the durability and stability of a concrete slab (the traditional choice of garden building base), but without the tonnes of poured concrete and the associated massive carbon emissions, it also has the advantage of being much more environmentally friendly, as well as being better performing for its intended purpose.

The Betterbase is constructed in the following way;

We bore 8 inch holes into the ground (depth dependent on soil conditions) and filling these with concrete. This means that the building is resting on solid deeper ground rather than topsoil, thus mitigating subsidence.

A trench is then dug around the perimeter and filled with concrete. Although not load bearing, this trench prevents the ingress of small animals and debris into the ventilating cavity.

Reinforced, pre-stressed, concrete lintels are spanned between the bore holes, giving the strength to take the weight of the building, and distributing the load onto the deeper, more stable ground.

Heavy duty ground membrane is placed over the resulting cavity. This prevents the possibility of weeds growing underneath your garden room.

With prices starting from £600, this is an affordable solution for your garden room base, with the added piece of mind that you’re getting the right product for the job.

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